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luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

End of Empires @ Liverpool

End of Empires
Sat 2 – Sat 23 February 2013

featuring original paintings by Romanian contemporary artists:
Radu Belcin, Flavia Pitiș, Aurel Tar, Francisc Chiuariu, Dragoș Burlacu.

Apart from revival and reformation, the cycle of cultures is inevitably destined to decline.
There is always a spectacular beauty/horror in the decadence of civilizations who believe themselves to be right or supreme with their future apparently guaranteed.

How the mighty have fallen – each and every time – no empire has survived – each and every one is destined to collapse spectacularly – the next collapse is already in progress.
European scepticism is the edge which drives the present reality in Eastern Europe and inspires the contemporary artists: Radu Belcin, Flavia Pitiș, Aurel Tar, Francisc Chiuariu, Dragoș Burlacu.
Each nation is reacting to the new paradigm and provoking the future of the Europe in its own very particular way based upon its nations history, cultural experiences and its current economic power or lack of it.

Facing the ”empires” of Communism and Post Communism, Consumerism and Post Consumerism, Capitalism, Democracy and other Posts, art finds itself in between the freedom of knowledge and the market value, the demands of the Nouveau Riche and the challenges and scepticism of the New Poor.
The work selected for ‘End of Empires’ are snapshots of this new reality and its effects on people and societies.

Lack of freedom and identity issues are brought to the fore by Radu Belcin’s recent paintings. The childhood in the consumer society is the focus of the Francisc Chiuariu’s new series titled ”Forever Ikea”. Realist and sensitive, Flavia Pitiș works with close-up childish gestures and habits of the adults. Collective character is ”mirroring” the mass production in Dragoș Burlacu’s new oil paintings on steel metal. Aurel Tar’s ”Wonderful Collapse” allegorical multiple panels paintings evoke the great civilization of the Greek European antiquity, staged now under the bailout of the financial crises.

The artworks and the artists from the ”End of Empires” exhibition are examples for the rising of the emerging art markets from the Eastern Europe.

Opening Hours during Exhibitions:  Thu – Sun from 2pm – 5.30pm
(Viewings also available by appointment – please call 07773 287827 or the gallery during opening hours on 0151 726 0232)
Corke Art Gallery
296-298 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17 9PW
The exhibition was realized in cooperation with Năsui Private Collection & Gallery.
For UK:
Nic Corke
Tel: (+44) 0151 726 0232
Cell phone: (+44) 07773 287827

For Romania:
Cosmin Nasui
Artist representative // Art investment consultant // Curator
Tel: (+40) 0371 185 729
Cell phone: (+40) 0723 358 945

Nasui private collection&gallery is a cultural operator presenting the most important premium creations of a carefully selected pool of Romanian contemporary artists, within favourable international and national contexts. It aims to circulate its artists and art works on national and international art markets and scenes and to contribute to the sustainable growth of the represented artists’ market values. Portfolio of artists: Radu Belcin, Dragoș Burlacu, Francisc Chiuariu, Felix Deac, Flavia Pitiș, Bogdan Rața. Invited artists: Cristian Todie, Lucian Muntean. 


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